Intro. To Computational Media Week 2

As I’m getting more and more into processing it’s becoming more and more apparent to me the importance of the idea of layer strategically with code. I’m not quite sure why, since I’m no photoshop pro, but my mind seems to still think in layers in photoshop, and the idea of this re-drawing over and over again was a little tricky this week, but as a whole I think I’m becoming more familiar with the programming language, and the concepts. It’s a little interesting, this idea of layers because it’s two fold; the layering of code on top of code, then in addition to that in a more conceptual way, layering animation on static imagery, and then adding controls, to the animations. Together with Zena Koo this week, we worked to develop her original processing drawing of a camera, and add more animation to it. Originally we set out to add three components of animation, the button press, the flash, and the shutter closure(still in process). We originally got the animations to work continuosly from the start of the program, but we wanted to add more control, and implemented an if statement with the mousePressed function to simulate more of a real life effect. Below are the results;

Source Code

In someways all this progressive development work feels instructive and natural. I’m really enjoying it.