Plop Plop Fizz Fizz

I’ve been going through a bit of nostalgia recently, after watching some old episodes of wheel of fortune(re; HTML5) I came across this old commercialfor alka seltzer

which gave me the idea of trying to model the dissolving of alka seltzer in processing for

my nature of code midterm.


For the most part many of the examples we’ve looked at are always additive rather than subtractive so I wanted to see if I could create the effect of something breaking down. My plan to model the plop plop fizz fizz was to keep it somewhat simple rather than jumping into box 2d or toxiclibs, and sketch a falling ellipse into liquid where a drag force would be applied, along with some small oscillation force. When the “pill” reached the bottoms a release of particles would be released with an applied force vertically to simulate the bubbles. As the “dissolving” force occurs the radius of the ellipse shrinks to zero and as it reaches zero the “bubbles stop”. I played around with doing some additive blending in openGL for the particles

buts it felt like trying to tack on an effect to something that should be much simpler do I just stuck with standard processing geometry.